Setting Up Your Business in Qatar: A Simplified Step-by-Step Process

Setting Up Your Business in Qatar: A Simplified Step-by-Step Process

  • Overview
  • The Benefits of Starting Your Business in Qatar
  • Business Structure Types in Qatar
  • Business License Options in Qatar
  • An Easy-to-Follow Step-by-Step Process for Qatar Business Setup
  • Start Your Business Journey in Qatar with QIncorp



Qatar has gained a reputation as one of the most prosperous and wealthiest countries globally due to its rich gas and oil resources, diverse business sectors, and political and economic stability. As a result, it has become a desirable location for businesses across the globe.

QIncorp is your trusted business partner to help you establish, run and grow your business in Qatar.

The Benefits of Starting Your Business in Qatar

Starting a company in Qatar offers various benefits, including 100% foreign ownership, low tax rates, and easy access to international and trade markets. Qatar has also established numerous free zones that offer various business licenses, including auditing, commercial, contracting, engineering consultancy, industrial, and travel and tourism licenses.

100% Foreign Ownership

One of the significant advantages of starting a business in Qatar is the 100% foreign ownership allowed by the government. This policy was introduced in 2019 to attract foreign investors and boost the country’s economy. Investors can now wholly own their companies in all economic sectors, subject to specific regulations regarding commercial activities carried out by non-Qataris.

Low Tax Rates

Offering one of the lowest tax rates in the world, corporate income tax in Qatar is only subject to a flat rate of 10%. The government’s decision to exempt import taxes makes Qatar a desirable business hub for entrepreneurs and investors.

Global Logistics Hub

Qatar is strategically located and serves as a global logistics hub. It has four airports and seven ports and harbours halfway along Europe and Asia. This location provides easy access to international and trade markets for businesses in the country.

Business-Friendly Environment

Qatar is known for its business-friendly regulations and streamlined processes, including online procedures. In 2021, Qatar ranked 68th in the World Bank’s “Ease of Doing Business” report and is expected to reach higher in the coming years.

Infrastructure and Investments

Qatar has invested heavily in its infrastructure to support businesses, including world-class transportation, telecommunication, and energy networks. The government has also launched several initiatives to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, making Qatar an attractive destination for startups and established businesses.

Political Stability and Security

Qatar is a politically stable country with a low crime rate and high safety standards. The government has implemented several measures to ensure security, including CCTV surveillance and strict immigration policies.

These factors make Qatar an attractive destination for entrepreneurs and investors looking to establish or expand their businesses.

Business Structure Types in Qatar

The legal structure you choose for your business in Qatar will define the liabilities, obligations, ownership arrangements, and documentation you must prepare when establishing your business. Below are the various company structures available for you to choose from:

  • Sole Proprietorship Company (SPC) / One Person Company
  • Simple Partnership Company
  • Joint Venture
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Public Shareholding Company
  • Private Shareholding Company
  • Holding Company
  • Branch Office
  • Trade Representative Office


Business License Options in Qatar

Qatar has various free zones to establish your business and achieve corporate goals. Based on your business type, you may select any of the following business licenses to operate within the country:

  • Auditing Company License
  • Commercial License
  • Contracting Companies License
  • Contracting Companies License
  • Clinic License
  • Engineering Consultancy License
  • Industrial License
  • Restaurant License
  • Signage License
  • Shipping Agency License
  • School and Institute License
  • Trade License (As per business activity type)
  • Travel and Tourism Agency License


An Easy-to-Follow Step-by-Step Process for Qatar Business Setup

To incorporate your business in Qatar, you can follow the step-by-step guide below:

Step 1: Partner with QIncorp.

QIncorp offers honest advice on selecting an appropriate business structure and assists you throughout setting up your business. We facilitate a speedy licensing process and push your business towards growth.

Step 2: Choose the Right Business Structure.

Selecting a suitable legal structure for your business activities is critical when starting a business in Qatar. This decision will impact your liability, ownership structure, fundraising capacity, and the documentation you must complete.

Step 3: Register Your Trade Name.

The Public Register is responsible for trade name registrations in Qatar’s Financial Centre Companies registration office. Preparing three options for names is advisable if your preferred name has already been registered or rejected.

Step 4: Draft Your Company’s Articles of Association (AOA).

The Articles of Association is a legal document that includes essential information such as your company’s name, capital, registered office address, the objective of incorporation, and the names, nationalities, residency status, and professions. Having AOA drafted by qualified lawyers and complying with Qatar’s Companies Law is mandatory.

Step 5: Obtain a Commercial Residence (CR).

Once you have submitted your trade name and articles of association, the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) will issue you a commercial residence (CR). This document is essential for opening a corporate bank account.

Step 6: Open a Corporate Bank Account.

Opening a corporate bank account in Qatar is essential to deposit the initial capital or funds required to launch your business smoothly.

Step 7: Apply for a Trade License.

To conduct business in an approved office in Qatar, you will need a trade license corresponding to the business structure you have established. To obtain a trade license, you must provide the Ministry of Economy and Commerce with an application form, as well as copies of the identification of all business authorities, the Commercial Residence, Articles of Incorporation, photos of the office from the inside and outside, building completion certificate, owner’s ID, and rental agreement.

Step 8: Obtain a Computer Card.

The computer card is a necessary document that identifies the authorized signatory of a company. It is required to obtain permits for employing full-time workers. The Immigration and Passport Control Office will handle the application process for the computer card, and you will need to submit the following documents:

  • Completed application form with the name of the authorized signatories and the company stamp
  • Copy of your commercial residence (CR)
  • Copy of your company’s trade license
  • Company identification cards of all shareholders
  • Company identification cards of individuals who will be authorized signatories on the computer card.


Start Your Business Journey in Qatar with QIncorp

Although starting a company in Qatar may seem intricate and daunting, QIncorp can make it quick and stress-free for you.

With a track record of assisting over 50,000 entrepreneurs in starting and expanding their businesses globally, our team of experts will provide personalized business solutions to meet your company’s requirements from inception to post-launch.

At QIncorp, we offer various flexible payment options for our various services, including media and marketing, legal, tax, accounting, co-working spaces, and other PRO-related services, ensuring cost-effectiveness and successful company registration.

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