Qatar’s resilient and vibrant economy makes it a top destination for starting a business. Choose from various company setups, from mainland to free zone, and start your business in Qatar with QIncorp!  

QIncorp is the leading company when it comes to offering cost-effective business solutions for local and foreign investors looking to start and expand their businesses in the country. Get everything you need for your company with the help of our business experts and let us begin the success of your journey in Qatar!

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    Business Setup in Qatar

    • 100% Foreign Ownership in the Mainland
    • No Vat or Income Tax
    • Bank Account Setup
    Package Starting from
    QAR 25,000
    Qatar Free
    Zone Authority
    • 100% Foreign Ownership
    • Bank Account Setup
    • No Minimum or Paid-Up Capital
    Package Starting from
    QAR 30,000
    Qatar Financial
    • 100% Foreign Ownership
    • Bank Account Setup
    • No Minimum or Paid-Up Capital
    Package Starting from
    QAR 30,000

    Benefits of Setting Up a Company in Qatar

    Simple corporate tax filing
    100% Foreign Ownership
    Strategic location between Asia, Europe, and Africa
    World-class infrastructures
    Strong government support for foreign investment
    0% Income Tax

    Additional Services Offered

    1. Company Setup
    • Local specialist advice
    • We help foreign investors to set up different types of companies in Qatar
    2. Bank Account Opening
    • Banking solutions
    • Our banking experts will help you in opening a corporate bank account
    3. Tax & Accounting Services
    • Our tax and accounting professionals will give you free consultation & high-quality services without hidden cost.
    4. Regulation and Compliance
    • With our assistance your company will always be compliant to all government regulations and remain up-to-date.

    Steps to Start a Company in Qatar

    Get Commercial Residence (CR)
    Trade Name
    Article of

    Licensing Authorities in Qatar

    Qatar Mainland License

    Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is responsible for overseeing commercial and industrial activities for the state of Qatar, directing these activities in accordance with the requirements of national development. The Ministry’s mandate includes business development needed to attract investments and support and develop exports.
    Previously, a local Qatari sponsor who holds a 51% ownership share was required to obtain a Company License under the MOCI. Recently, the Qatari government has eliminated the requirement for Qatari partners and allowed full ownership of the business for foreign investors.
    The MCI is dedicated towards companies requiring trading activities, office space availability anywhere in Qatar, specific business activities that require external approvals (such as taxi services, as an example), organizing of work with banking & government sectors etc.

    Qatar Free Zones

    1. Qatar Financial Center
    The Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) is an onshore business and financial centre located in Doha, established by Law No. 7 of 2005 of the State of Qatar. A world-class platform for companies, QFC offers its own legal, regulatory, tax and business environment, contributing to the decisive economic development and diversification prescribed by Qatar National Vision 2030. Supported by QFC’s broad range of legal and regulatory services, regulated and non-regulated, that align with international best practice, domestic and international companies can set up or expand their business in Qatar. QFC allows up to 100% foreign ownership, 100% repatriation of profits, and charges a competitive rate of 10% corporate tax on locally-sourced profits, all while integrating businesses into Qatar’s swift expansion into a major trade and investment centre.

    2. Qatar Free Zone Authority Qatar Free Zone is focused on four core sectors: emerging technologies, logistics, industry and maritime. They are positioned 30 minutes from Downtown Doha and sit adjacent to Hamad Airport and Hamad Seaport, both award-winning transport hubs that connect you to the world. QFZ offers extremely competitive tax exemptions, including 20-year corporate tax holidays, no individual income taxes, and zero import custom duties. Investors are also entitled to 100% foreign ownership, with full capital repatriation.
    QFZ comprises of 2 main areas – the airport and seaport free zones
    a. Ras Boufantas Free Zone It is adjacent to Hamad International Airport and has specific sections of the zone dedicated to particular industries, allowing for optimal cluster growth and perfectly tailored infrastructure and facilities. Fully serviced plots come in different sizes to suit specific industry needs, and facilities are flexible, meaning that companies can either choose to build their own, can hire QFZA to build it for them to exact specifications, or can elect to use pre-built facilities. Ras Bufontas, the airport free zones, will complement high value and time-sensitive products.
    Key areas of focus 
    • Emerging Tech
    • Aviation Business
    • Light Manufacturing
    b. Umm AlHoul Free Zone Umm Alhoul Free Zone covers 32km and is situated near Hamad Port, the world’s largest greenfield port, providing an optimal location for industries which benefit from access to sea freight and shipping routes. The zones have been designed to incorporate additional smart technologies including smart waste bins, intelligent street lighting, addressable advertising panels and more. MARSA is a new maritime cluster in Qatar’s Umm Alhoul free zone, strategically located adjacent to Hamad Port, the world’s largest greenfield seaport, and only 20 minutes from Doha city center.
    Key areas of focus 
    • Heavy Manufacturing
    • Logistics Hub
    • Industrial Sectors
    • Downstream Petrochemical
    • Emerging Tech
    • Maritime Industries & Services
    3. Qatar Science and Technology Park Situated in Qatar’s Foundation Education City, this technology park was established in 2009 with an aim to provide a home to technology-based firms. This zone comes with a lot of incentives that meets the expectations of the business entities. Some of the renowned companies that bask in its zone hold Microsoft, Shell, and GE etc. This free zone completely concentrates on the technology domain to give an emerging platform to the business entities.

    Key areas of focus
    • Technology Developments
    • Education and Training
    • New Business Development
    • Research and Development

    Why QIncorp?

    Cost-Effective Business Solutions

    Over the years, QIncorp has been regarded as one of the most trusted business consultancy firms in Qatar. We ensure that we offer our clients the most efficient business solutions for their company setup in Qatar. Whether you are looking for assistance with obtaining a visa, choosing the right jurisdiction for your business, or acquiring necessary documents to start your company, you will receive the service that you deserve for your money.


    At the core of our service is a commitment to understanding and prioritizing our clients based on their short and long-term goals and objectives. We involve our clients in every single step of the process to help them better understand the pros and cons of each decision they are undertaking. Whether you are a startup or a large corporation, we will utilize our comprehensive suite of business packages to help you have a successful business journey.

    Transparency and Accountability

    At QIncorp, we prioritize building trust and accountability with our clients by maintaining complete transparency throughout all their transactions. Our commitment to transparency ensures that our clients have peace of mind throughout the entire process and beyond, knowing that we are fully dedicated to providing them with the best service possible.

    Reliable Business Experts

    We take pride in our team of business experts, who have accumulated more than ten years of experience. They will provide you with customized setup advice that is perfectly tailored to your business needs. You can trust in our expertise to help propel your business towards growth and success.

    Ease of Setup

    Under the turbulent times we hold your safety and wellbeing as our priority and have made the registration process easier and safer. Almost all documents for your business setup can be submitted remotely or online with our assistance, making the process fast and efficient. We will pick up and drop documents to your home free of cost


    Our business setup advisors offer proficient business setup advice suited best for the nature of your business. We have experience setting up over 200 different business activities without any issues for our clients.

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